Steve Wiblin’s Erin Eyes Wines

Steve Wiblins Erin Eyes Wines James Halliday Australian Wines Companion Awards

Steve Wiblin and the liquid poetry of Erin Eyes wines

James Halliday writes about Steve Wiblin and Erin Eyes Wines for Wine Companion Magazine and the Weekend Australian:

“For most of us, keeping a sense of humour, laced with optimism, would be impossible if we found ourselves in Steve Wiblin’s shoes.  In conversations and email exchanges I said I would endeavour to frame his story from the glass half full perspective.  His response was brief: “Understand; a glass should never be anywhere near empty!”

A poetic streak also runs through his makeup.  The opening paragraph of  his background information to his winery explains “In 1842 my English convict forebear John Wiblin gazed into a pair of Erin eyes.  That gaze changed our family make-up and history forever.  In the Irish-influenced Clare Valley what else would I call my wines but Erin Eyes?”


James Halliday

Steve Wiblin - Erin Eyes Wines

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