About Steve

“Writers and consumers alike tend to overlook the Clare Valley’s original reputation was built on the great Cabernet and Shiraz red wines, often blended together or with small amounts of other varieties particularly Malbec and Mataro.”

Steve Wiblin – Erin Eyes Wines

Steve Wiblin - Erin Eyes Wines

I was born in the brilliant wine year of 1955 but it was only when of all places I landed at Tooheys Brewery I began my love of wine. That was 42 years ago. While my main aim in life then was to promote beer, my first boss and mentor also had a love for fine art and fine wine. It helped that Tooheys owned the great Wynns and Seaview Wineries. I followed Wynns and Seaview Wineries through takeovers by Penfolds and then Seppelts before opting for South Australia and Orlando Wines.

Wine has helped me travel to many countries and experience the wines of an array of countries and regions. For almost two decades I have been in the Clare Valley co-founding and co-owning Neagles Rock Vineyards. These last 23 years as a hands on vigneron and vintner taught me other aspects of this wonderful life.For health and other personal reasons I am now concentrating on making small batches of fine wines in styles and varieties Clare does so well.