Erin Eyes 2014 Reds and their names

Erin Eyes 2014 Reds Group Shot

It started when I looked at what to call my Reserve Riesling. I decided to call it ‘Pride of Erin’ after the famous Irish dance. It seemed to suit as I was proud of the wine and have always been fascinated by the dance. A wine that dances on your tongue!

So I have chosen to add more Irish/Celtic flavour to my labels with some famous names and some more personal to my heritage.

Shiraz – ‘Blarney Stone’ after the famous stone that once kissed bestows the gift of eloquence. This wine speaks for itself!

Cabernet Sauvignon – ‘Ballycapple’ was the home of my ancestor John Kennedy who was a wrongly convicted convict. His wife and son were give free passage to join him. Ballycapple, Tipperary is also one of the main seats of the Kennedy Clan who built Ballycapple Castle.


Cabernet/Malbec/Merlot – ‘Gallic Connection’ as the Gauls (ancient France) were part of the Celtic races. This Bordeaux blend of varieties should be named after my Celtic Cousins.

Cabernet Shiraz – ‘Celtic Heritage’ my favourite Aussie wine blend deserves to be celebrated as a wine and my heritage.

You can order Steve Wiblin’s Erin Eyes Wines using this form with payment via card, cheque or direct deposit and delivery via Australia Post.

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